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1 - Are your speakers properly connected and turned on?
2 - Is the speaker volume turned up?
3 - Does the sermon page list an audio file note?
(For example - "Note: Audio was recorded at low volume.) Such notes will alert you to long pauses in the audio recording before the sermon begins, low volume, etc.
4 - Is your web browser running slow?
High internet traffic will increase loading / streaming time. This may increase your waiting time as the page prepares to play the sermon.
5 - If you feel you have waited enough time but still have no sound, you may need to load one of the FREE programs listed below on your computer. Be sure to click the "free download" version. Use this step as a last resort.
TIP 1: If nothing happens, try other selections your choice provides. One of them may work.
TIP 2: If you absolutely have to download a program, always look for one that is FREE first. The downloads provided below should be free.
TIP 3: Some of these websites have their own special player. Don't feel bad if it doesn't work!
TIP 4: Some of these selections have the same music and talk radio programs. If one doesn't seem to work, try another selection with a similar description you like.
MAC USERS: You may have to rely on iTunes to play some of these stations. A temporary download will be announced and provided.
QuickTime: Recommended. Try downloading this first. Most common for PCs and Macs. There is a free download version.
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player: Recommended. Most common for PCs. There is a free download version.
iTunes: Recommended. Most common for PCs and Macs. There is a free download version.
Winamp: For PCs. There is a free download version.
Real Player
Real Player: For PCs. There is a free download version.
If you have difficulties with any of these downloads, contact the program's website for support. Meadowood Baptist Church is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of loading these programs.