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December 27, 2015:
"The Good Life"
  1 Peter 3:8-12 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Many think that living a good life is being happy, prosperous, or living the way one desires. Jesus’ declaration in John 10:10 makes it clear that there is only one way to have a good and meaningful life. “The Good Life” examines 1 Peter 3:8-12 and shows a lifestyle that God calls all followers of Christ to live. Click here to print message outline.
December 20, 2015:
"A Foundational Truth"
  John 14:6 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Due to technical difficulties, the video for this message is not available. Click here to print message outline.
December 13, 2015:
"The Magnificent Jesus"
  John 1:1-4 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
The Gospel According to John begins in a different manner than the other gospels. Instead of opening with the events of Jesus’ birth, John immediately makes amazing statements about Christ. “The Magnificent Jesus” is a look at God the Son. Before coming to earth in the form of man, He existed before creation. He was the active agent in creation, and He actively holds all things together. Through Christ spiritual life is offered to each and everyone of us. Click here to print message outline.
December 6, 2015:
"Children's Christmas Choir Concert, Part 1 of 2"
  Sunday Evening Worship Service
Part 1 of 2 contains the Preschool through Kindergarten choirs and the AWANA Choir, grades 1-5. This video presentation has been edited so that all songs play back to back.
December 6, 2015:
"Children's Christmas Choir Concert, Part 2 of 2"
  Sunday Evening Worship Service
Part 2 of 2 contains the Youth performances and the pastor's closing comments and prayer. This video presentation has been edited so that all songs play back to back.
December 6, 2015:
"The Witness of Christ"
  John 1 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
The world needs a witness for Christ. God calls every believer, no matter what age or status in life, to tell others about the Gospel. "The Witness for Christ" discusses why the world needs us to be a witness and how people can have freedom from sin and be released from the guilt and shame that past sin causes. Click here to print message outline.
November 29, 2015:
"The Family of Christ"
  Acts 9:10-31 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Those who claim to be Christians but hardly ever attend a church are at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to living a peace filled, victorious life. We are not meant to face temptations and troubles alone. “The Family of Christ” shows how our spiritual family can provide comfort, encouragement, and growth as believers walk together in Christ. Click here to print message outline.
November 22, 2015:
"Always Give Thanks"
  Ephesians 5:15-21| Bob Rutherford, Pastor
It is possible to be thankful in all circumstances. This may sound unrealistic to those living in difficult times, but God’s Word reveals how. The book of Ephesians describes wise and unwise people. Believers who are living wisely can be thankful in all of life’s circumstances, whether good or difficult. “Always Give Thanks” is a look at Ephesians 5:15-21 which reveals ways believers can live thankful lives. Click here to print message outline.
November 15, 2015:
"Spiritual Drama"
  Acts 9 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
“Spiritual Drama” is a look at the life of Saul of Tarsus. At one time this well educated and devout religious man was violently opposed to Jesus Christ and the early church. He was brilliant and had influence, but he was spiritually blind and barbaric at heart. His life reveals that Jesus can transform even the most unlikely person. Believers are encouraged to keep witnessing and praying for those individuals who seem hopeless. Jesus Christ is waiting to forgive those who seek Him, no matter what they have done. Click here to print message outline.
November 8, 2015:
"Truths That Transform"
  Acts 9:1-6 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Acts chapter nine is frequently read, but there is important information which can be overlooked. “Truths That Transform” takes a look at the believers who followed ‘the Way’ and the experiences of Saul. This message also discusses how believers can have assurance of a saving faith. Click here to print message outline.
November 1, 2015:
"Divine Appointments"
  Acts 8:25-40 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Our study in Acts continues with “Divine Appointments.” This message examines how Philip was sent by God from a successful ministry to a lonely desert road. An encounter with the Ethiopian official demonstrates the nature of divine appointments and how they are used to bring salvation. They can also bring comfort, encouragement, and reveal God working in our lives. Click here to print message outline.
October 25, 2015:
"Abundant Life"
  John 10:1-11 | Brian Hobbs, Guest Speaker
Guest speaker Brian Hobbs, Director of Communications at the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and Editor of the Baptist Messenger, spoke on the “Abundant Life” Christ Jesus offers in John chapter ten. Jesus is the gate to eternal life and the Good Shepherd. His sheep hear His voice and follow Him. Like sheep, believers are completely dependent upon Christ. To follow His voice we must know His teachings, and through Him we can live a full and meaningful life.
October 18, 2015:
"The Advantages the Holy Spirit Offers"
  Acts 8 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Only God’s Holy Spirit has the power of conviction to changes a person’s mind and life. “The Advantages the Holy Spirit Offers” reminds us that Christ Jesus lives within the believer’s life and provides comfort, peace, and guidance. Only the Holy Spirit can call people into the salvation Jesus provides and make our witness to others effective. Click here to print message outline.
October 11, 2015:
"When Do You Receive the Holy Spirit?"
  Acts 8:14-16 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
As our study in the Book of Acts continues, a question arises, “When do you receive the Holy Spirit?” The Jewish disciples seem to receive God’s Spirit immediately yet the Samaritans in verses 14-16 did not. Why is that? This message addresses what some believers find a confusing issue. Believers can know exactly when they receive the Holy Spirit and why this is important. Click here to print message outline.
October 4, 2015:
  Acts 8:9-15 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
In today’s culture there are all kinds of beliefs. According to the scriptures it is possible to ‘believe’ and yet not be a true follower of Christ Jesus. “Sorcerer” takes a look at a man named Simon in the Book of Acts who practiced magic. Although it states he believed, his life did not portray a saving faith. Each of us must not only ‘believe’ but trust in Jesus as Savior and repent of our sin. Believers are encouraged to examine their own faith and make sure that those around them understand what a saving faith means. Click here to print message outline.
September 27, 2015:
"Unusual Occurrences"
  Acts 8:4-8 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
If God led you to do something, would you do it? What if it meant leaving your career plans? “Unusual Occurrences” takes a look at Philip in the Book of Acts. Philip already had a job in the church, but he was willing to follow wherever God led. Every believer is called to share the Gospel, whether they feel able or not. Will you leave your comfort zone and follow where God leads? Click here to print message outline.
September 20, 2015:
"Dennis Jernigan in Concert"
  Dennis Jernigan with the Exaltation Singers and Orchestra
No recording available. Click here to visit Dennis Jernigan's website.
September 13, 2015:
"God's Work"
  1 Corinthians 1:30 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
"God's Work" is the salvation that God provides for believers in Jesus Christ. This salvation is His doing and His doing alone. Those who do not understand this truth will try to take care of their own salvation or conclude it is not needed. This message discusses the refuge and safety believers have in God's salvation, and the full payment for our sin debt. Click here to print message outline.
September 6, 2015:
"Grief - How Do You Handle It?"
  Acts 8:1-8 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Grieving is a normal part of life. This message covers false conclusions believers may have of "victorious living," and the healthy and unhealthy ways of grieving. Click here to print message outline.
August 30, 2015:
"Responses To Tragedy"
  Acts 8:1-8 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
“Responses To Tragedy” begins in Acts chapter eight and the persecution of the early Christian church. The stoning of Stephen intensified hatred of believers. Two important lessons come from these verses: There will always be those who hate Christians, and how sin can control one’s life. Thankfully there is hope for deliverance. Click here to print message outline.
August 23, 2015:
"Charges Against a Christian"
  Acts 7 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Believers today face the same challenges that Stephen did in Acts 7. "Charges Against a Christian" shows accusations and persecutions Christians may face and what our response should be. Click here to print message outline.
August 16, 2015:
"A Hero of the Faith"
  Acts 6:8-15 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
“A Hero of the Faith” examines the life of Stephen in Acts 6-7. These verses emphasize the importance of laymen in the church. Stephen was not an apostle, preacher, or pastor, but he was used in a mighty way. Any believer can be used by God just like Stephen. The scriptures for this message reveals how this can be done. Click here to print message outline.
August 9, 2015:
"Mission Trip Service"
  Opening and Closing Statements | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
This service features testimonies from three of the mission trips taken this summer. Our men’s ministry went to Fraser, Colorada, the youth went to Dallas, Texas, and another group went to Nicaragua. Our pastor made opening and closing comments. The length of this video presentation has been edited to 33 minutes. There is no message outline.
August 2, 2015:
"Meeting Needs"
  Acts 6:1-7 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Needs will always exist in the church. Ministers, workers, volunteers, and members all have needs. "Meeting Needs" provides criteria for meeting needs and why this ministry is so important. Click here to print message outline.
July 26, 2015:
"Your Influence"
  Acts 5:12-42 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
All of us have influence on others. What we perceive as small things can do great good or cause great harm. “Your Influence” challenges believers to examine their witness for Christ. Are we using our spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities to bring good, or are we causing harm without even realizing it? Click here to print message outline.
July 19, 2015:
"Sin In The Church"
  Acts 5:1-11 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Sin can appear in the church even when the Lord is doing great things. "Sin in the Church" takes a look at the lives of Ananias and Sapphira in the book of Acts. This message discusses the seriousness of sin and the consequences of sin in the life of believers. Click here to print message outline.
July 12, 2015:
"The Encourager"
  Acts 4:36-37 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Encouraging others is one of the greatest ministries a person can have. All believers can encourage others. “The Encourager” takes a look at the life of Barnabas, his attributes as an encourager, and how we can follow his example. This message shows how we all may not have the same spiritual gifts, but we can all encourage others. Click here to print message outline.
July 5, 2015:
"When Enemies Arise, What Are Believers To Do?"
  Acts 4 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Jesus Christ warned His believers that they would meet opposition and be persecuted. Such persecution even rises in the midst of great good accomplished in the name of Jesus. “When Enemies Arise, What Are Believers To Do?” discusses the persecution the apostles of the early church faced and how believers today can follow their example. Click here to print message outline.
June 28, 2015:
"Healing a Nation"
  2 Chronicles 7:14 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Rapidly increasing world views in our laws and culture may leave some believers worried about the fate of our nation. 2 Chronicles 7:14, states, “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Is this passage relevant for our nation today? “Healing a Nation” poses five questions, and provides Bible-based answers, to those who may be asking, “Can our nation be healed?” Click here to print message outline.
June 21, 2015:
"The Father's Role"  
  Ephesians 6:4 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Fathers play a crucial role in our culture. They impact the development of families and children. Many issues our society faces today can be traced back to father and family. “The Father’s Role” provides guidance from Ephesians 6:4. Our pastor speaks of how a father can provoke his children to anger, and how to bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Click here to print message outline.
June 14, 2015:
"The Most Important Message in the Bible"  
  Acts 4:12 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Jesus - there is no other person that can save a human being. What does He save us from? "The Most Important Message in the Bible" discusses why people need to be saved and from what. Many people will argue that Jesus is not the only way, or that we don't need to be saved at all. This is not what Christ tells us. Click here to print message outline.
June 7, 2015:
"Confronting Antagonists With Christ"  
  Acts 4 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Many people are rationalists and materialists, only focused on life in this world. "Confronting Antagonists With Christ" shows that these people will try to intimidate believers. How do followers of Christ deal with this? Click here to print message outline.
May 31, 2015:
  Acts 3 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
The setting of Acts 3 is a picture of humanity today. Some people are poor or are physical disabled. Others have everything they could possibly want. No matter the person or the circumstance, we are unable to help ourselves spiritually. "Hope" is a message about how a life can change because of Jesus Christ. As believers it is not enough to have compassion for others or help those who are less fortunate, we must proclaim the gospel. Real change is brought about through our Savior. Click here to print message outline.
May 24, 2015:
"The Greatest Gift"
  John 15:12-13 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
On Memorial Day we honor those who have given their lives to protect our freedom. Jesus said in John 15:13, "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." The message "The Greatest Gift" begins with the question, is freedom worth the greatest gift? Through Christ Jesus our freedoms are made possible. As a nation, we must be careful not to lose these freedoms. Click here to print message outline.
May 17, 2015:
"The Life Ahead"
  Daniel | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
As we celebrate the accomplishments of our high school and college graduates, our pastor uses the book of Daniel for this message, "The Life Ahead." Daniel and his three friends were in a foreign land surrounded by foreign customs and idols. The model of their lives provide every believer with relevant and practical ways of pleasing God, allowing Him to use us in mighty ways. Click here to print message outline.
May 10, 2015:
"Praise For Mothers"  
  Proverbs 31 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
"Praise For Mothers" recognizes the great contributions of women to the first institution created by God - the family. This Mother's Day we celebrate the sacrifices she makes and her role in family and faith. Click here to print message outline.
May 3, 2015:
"Being Controlled By Christ"
  Acts 2:4 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
The scriptures tell believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit, but how does this happen? What does it mean to be 'controlled by Christ?' Our pastor discusses three key points that are crucial to a believer's abundant life with Christ. Click here to print message outline.
April 26, 2015:
"The Day of Pentecost"
  Acts 2 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Who controls you? Is it other people? How often do we get into trouble when we allow others to control us? Maybe it is an addiction. Maybe it is you. Do you try to control your life? "The Day of Pentecost" discusses God's Holy Spirit and how He fills believers today. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, the God of the universe not only lives in you, He controls your life. Click here to print message outline.
April 19, 2015:
"Rising From The Ashes"
  Acts 1 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
We can rebuild a city or a house, and replace personal possessions, but only Jesus can rebuild a life. This date is the 20th anniversary of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. How do you react in the face of catastrophe? Do you blame God? Do you hate Him? “Rising From The Ashes” shows how a devastated life can be rebuilt. We are not meant to just exist, we are meant to thrive. Victory can be yours through Jesus Christ. Click here to print message outline.
April 12, 2015:
"A New Day"
  Acts 1 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Part One: After the crucifixion of Christ, the disciples were fearful and uncertain of things to come. They needed convincing proof of their Messiah's resurrection. "A New Day" is about the changes in their lives and in the lives of all believers. Click here to print message outline.
April 5, 2015:
"The Resurrection of Christ"
  1 Corinthians 15, 1 Peter 1:1-16 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Can an event that happened over 2,000 years ago have any impact on us today? "The Resurrection of Christ" begins with the evidence for the resurrection of Christ and why it is so essential. This resurrection also affirms key points for both believers and non-believers. Click here to print message outline.
March 29, 2015:
"The Royal Entry"
  Matthew 21 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Every Sunday, many people enter the same spiritual environment. Some leave having received wonderful blessings while others leave having received absolutely nothing. How is this possible? "The Royal Entry" examines Jesus' entry into Jerusalem and the lives of the people around Him. Open and willing hearts along with faith and prayer results in God's power and transformed lives. Click here to print message outline.
March 22, 2015:
"The Christian Life - The Struggle and the Victory"
  Luke 22:24-46 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
"The Christian Life - The Struggle and the Victory" examines the blessings and the challenges in the life of the Lord Jesus. For believers, these same blessings and challenges await us. Jesus knows our sin before it happens. He still loves us and prays for us. Even after failures, Jesus can still use us in powerful ways. Click here to print message outline.
March 15, 2015:
"Missions - Are We Faithful Or Rebellious?"
  Jonah, 2 Kings 14:23-27 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Jonah was a prophet who didn't always reject God's call as evidenced in 2 Kings chapter 14. So why did he flee when commanded to go to Nineveh? "Missions - Are We Faithful or Rebellious?" addresses our motives and priorities when we present the Gospel. What do we learn from Jonah, and how can we keep from being like him? Click here to print message outline.
March 8, 2015:
"Freedom From Self"
  1 Corinthians 3:21-4:7 | Jay Ramer, Minister of Adult Education
The first letter to the church in Corinth addressed serious issues of pride and boasting. Stated simply, pride is the pleasure of having more than the next guy. We all are looking for that final verdict that says, "I am valuable." The message "Freedom From Self" discusses self-esteem. It shows that when we try to find our esteem in the standards of others, or set our own standards, it becomes a trap. The Apostle Paul offers a different source of self-esteem in 1 Corinthians. Click here to print message outline.
March 1, 2015:
All activities cancelled due to severe weather.
February 22, 2015:
"Followers of Christ"
  1 Samuel 17:20-50 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Who are you following? Everyone, including leaders, follows someone or an idea, whether it is a cultural norm, selfish interests, or other people. "Followers of Christ" discusses the challenges of following Christ. As King David in the Old Testament faced a giant and a seemingly impossible task, believers today face giant adversaries as well. Click here to print message outline.
February 15, 2015:
"The Benefits of Love, Part 2"
  1 John, 1 Corinthians 13 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
The "Benefits of Love" continues in part two of this message. Those who love others as God loves us can know where they are going in life and know their eternal destiny. Love conquers any fears we may have. Without love, our speech, our knowledge, our faith, our giving, and our works are useless. Those who claim to love God but hate others live in spiritual darkness and have deceived themselves. Click here to print message outline.
February 8, 2015:
"The Benefits of Love"
  1 John, 1 Corinthians 13 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
How can we know that we have a relationship with Christ? How can we know that when God judges us, all will go well? How can we know that we won't spiritually stumble and fall or cause others, both fellow believers and the lost, to stumble because of the sin and rebellion in our lives? How can we have assurance? "The Benefits of Love" reveals the indicators in our lives that answer these questions. Click here to print message outline.
February 1, 2015:
"What Is Love?"
  1 Corinthians 13 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
Most people think they know about the subject of love. "What Is Love?" shows the difference between the world's concepts of love and God's love. God's love never fails. There are times that it may seem that God's love has failed us. Sin can blind even believers to the truth that God's love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 provides a clear picture of how we are to love, a love that only God can make possible in a believer's life. Click here to print message outline.
January 25, 2015:
"A Life of Love"

1 John | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
1 John 4:8 states that "God is love." There are people under the mistaken impression that the God of the Old Testament is a harsh judge that punishes sinners and in the New Testament He has suddenly become a God of love. God has not changed. His abundant loving nature is evident throughout the Bible. Love is to be a key attribute to a believer's life, but we are not to love the world and its ways. "A Life of Love" is about who we are to love, including ourselves, and what we are not to love. Click here to print message outline.

January 18, 2015:
"Being Faithful"
  Revelation 2:9-11 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
What is faithfulness? The call of Christ to believers is to "be faithful, even to the point of death." How does a follower of Christ do this? "Being Faithful" examines the differences between "beliefs" and "truths," the kind of faithfulness that many believers settle into, and the kind of faithfulness Christ expects of his followers. Click here to print message outline.
January 11, 2015:
  Titus 2-3 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
"Purity" is not just a topic for sexual activity. Purity in doctrine, or purity in our beliefs, can affect our lives and our destiny. Impure beliefs are linked to many destructive influences in cultures today. Wrong decisions based on impure beliefs can distroy our relationships, marriages, finances, reputations, and lives. Accepting God's word as the only true doctrine is crucial. Our pastor explains why and discusses how impure beliefs affect relationships. Click here to print message outline.
January 4, 2015:
"The Future, Part 2"
  John 3:16-18 | Bob Rutherford, Pastor
"The Future, Part 2" is about the future of believers in Christ. Eternal life doesn't begin when a person dies. Eternal life begins the moment a person accepts Jesus as Savior and can be experienced here on earth. As we start this new year there are several areas of spiritual life where believers need to be mindful. Our pastor makes three key points that will help followers of Christ live a life that God wants us to live. Click here to print message outline.