About Divorce Care

"Divorce Care" (for Adults) and "Divorce Care For Kids" (ages 5 to 12) are Bible-based, Christ-centered programs that help those of divorce heal in a group setting. Whether you have experienced divorce in the past or you're going through divorce now, "Divorce Care" can provide healing steps.

Divorce Care Website

To find the times and locations of the churches offering Divorce Care, visit www.divorcecare.org. Type in your ZIP code and the mile radius you can drive to begin a search for classes near you.

About The Sessions

Divorce Care is a support group. The adults watch a DVD lesson with christian counselors and pychologists, pastors, and testimonies of individuals who have experienced separation and divorce. After the DVD lesson, there is a discussion period led by a moderator. Workbooks contain questions for conversation, and provide adults with daily devotionals and encouragement as well. The DC4K (Divorce Care 4 Kids) schedule and class materials coincides with the adult program, so family members may experience healing together.

Session 1: What's Happening to Me?
This introductory seminar helps answer the question, "Why do I feel the way I do?" It helps participants become comfortable with the support group concept.

SESSION 2: The Road to Healing / Finding Help
This segment helps the participants identify the losses that occur as the result of divorce. It also discusses ways to begin the process of healing from the hurt of divorce.

SESSION 3: Facing My Anger
This seminar deals with the subject of anger, a nearly universal reaction by both spouses during a divorce, and offers constructive suggestions for dealing with anger.

SESSION 4: Facing My Depression
Depression can paralyze a person going through divorce. Despite this, it can be a "healing emotion," and this seminar explores constructive responses to depression.

SESSION 5: Facing My Loneliness
After divorce, many people respond to their loneliness in ways that will cause them even deeper pain. This segment explores healthy ways to overcome loneliness.

SESSION 6: What Does the Owner’s Manual Say?
This seminar explores real-world answers from the Bible on issues related to separation, divorce and remarriage, presented in an easily understandable format.

SESSION 7: New Relationships
This seminar will help viewers understand the hurt that can come from a premature new relationship and how to know when they are ready to enter a new relationship.

SESSION 8: Financial Survival
Most people are stretched financially during divorce. This video segment offers practical help on how to survive and ways to deal with the many money issues that arise in divorce.

SESSION 9: KidCare
This seminar helps parents understand the effects of divorce on children and offers tips on being an effective single parent.

SESSION 10: Single Sexuality
This important segment will help viewers understand sexuality from God's perspective and will discuss how to deal with sexual urges and desires. It is possible to be single again and satisfied.

SESSION 11: Forgiveness
The hurt that comes with divorce is a barrier that prevents many people from forgiving their former spouse. This seminar shows that healing cannot occur without forgiveness.

SESSION 12: Reconciliation
This seminar profiles the different types of reconciliation that can occur after divorce and explains why pursuing reconciliation is so important, even when those involved don't feel like reconciling.

SESSION 13: Moving On, Growing Closer to God
How can God produce something good out of something as bad as divorce? This segment will show participants how they can grow closer to God through their divorce experience.