Meadowood Baptist Church: About Us
What We Believe
We believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal God and the one Savior for mankind. We believe the Bible is God's Word for people in every age and every culture. We believe in a missionary endeavor. We believe in cooperating with other believers in sharing the Gospel around the world. We believe in the eternal worth of every human life and believe that any person can have their life changed by putting their faith in the Lord Jesus. Click here to read more about the Baptist faith and message.
Our Staff

Bob Rutherford,
Music Minister

Tom Poe,
Minister of Music
Adult Minister

Jay Ramer,
Minister to Adults
Youth Minister

Kent Epling,
Minister to Youth
Children's Minister

Minister of
Childhood Education
Mission Mid-Del Director

Alex Aaron,
Director of Mission Mid-Del
Our History
On Sunday, August 4, 2013, Meadowood Baptist Church celebrated 50 years of sharing "His Love, His Life, His Word" with our community. Our church began as the "Meadowood Baptist Mission" on Sunday, August 4, 1963. Click here to read more about our history.